This is the most diverse Scentsy Display Stand that we build and shows a wide range of its product line.  Showcasing a Corded Warmer, a Plug-in Warmer, Brochures, Wax Bars, Oils, Sprays, Business Cards and more - it's like a portable store display. 


The stand is made out of +1/2 inch cabinet grade Maple veneer plywood plus 3/4 inch solid Maple top (no MDF - we use solid wood only).  It, like our other displays, has been over-built, which means it can handle the rigour of constant transport and use.


► Dimensions: 21 inches (53cm) wide x 13.5 inches (34cm) tall x 7.5 inches (19cm) deep.


► Weight: Approx. 9 pounds


► Finish: The sides are of natural birch hardwood (which we coat it with a durable satin laquer). The top and bottom 'Steps' can be finished in Teal, Turquoise, Lavender or Lilac (see picture above) or left natural as in the pics above.


► Wiring: Upgraded 'Decor" plugs are set into this piece and wired together. A 5 foot (removeable) power cord exits the back of the unit **All you have to do is plug this cord in - It's powered and ready to go!


Modifications Needed?

All of our display pieces are custom made. if you need something added, deleted or modified in some way don't hesitate to contact us. In most cases there is no additional charge.


We are a small family-owned business with a mission to create unique designs using only the highest quality materials and expert craftsmanship. All of our products are made by us one-at-a-time in our studio in Ontario, Canada.

Scentsy Multi-Product Display Stand - Consultants Model #5

  • Because our pieces are made one-at-a-time your order will typically take about 10 days to complete.