Note:  Due to Covid19 we are expeirencing delays in receiving materials from some of our US suppliers. These delays are adding to 7-10 days to delivery times.

The Apple Watch is an amazing piece of technology and the need to charge and store it on a daily basis is a necessity.  The Apple Watch charging cable functions well but requires some base to allow it to be used easily.  You don't have to carefully place your watch, it will fall naturally into place either laying the watch across or following the profile of the slab - either works.


We designed and created this simple but effective dock holder for ourselves. A solid slab of oak live-edge acts as a heavy base for the holder.  It's precisely cut with a CNC machine to match the exact profile of the Apple Watch charger.  A powerful 'rare-earth magnet is embedded into the slab to hold to holder the charger in place.


Bonus:  Need a holder for 2 Apple Watches?  Because we build all of our products one-at-a-time so we are offering a slightly wider slab (5 inch width) to accomodate 2 Apple Watch Chargers at only a $10 additional fee.


Key Elements of the Design:

► LiveEdge Base:  We used a vintage hardwood oak slab to act as a base.  It weighs over 2 pounds so it will stay in place on whatever surafce you choose.  It has been precisely CNC cut to hold your Apple Watch in place.


► Dimensions:  7.75" Depth  x  3.5" Width  x  3.75" Height  (20cm x 89cm x 9.5cm)


► Imbedded Magnet: A powerful rare earth magnet is inserted and glued into the slab which holder the charger in place as the watch is inserted and removed.


► Finish:  Each piece receives a special hand blended Oil/Beeswax finish which protect the wood against moisture and provides a beautiful satin finish. 


► Modifications: Need a Custom Size/Special Arrangement, a holder for 2 Apple Watches?  Because we build all of our products one-at-a-time so we offer modifications to all of our products - feel free to contact us for your specific needs.


Note:  The Apple Watch charging cord shown in the pictures is not included.


We are a small family-owned business with a mission to create unique designs using only the highest quality materials and expert craftsmanship. All of our products are made by us at our studio in Ontario, Canada.

Live Edge - Apple Watch Dock Holder

Slab Width
  • Because our pieces are made one-at-a-time your order will typically take about 5 days to complete.


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