Note: Due to Covid19 we are expeirencing delays in receiving materials from some of our US suppliers. These delays are adding to 7-10 days to delivery times.

When we thought about the perfect bedside or work table lamp we thought a heavy slab of solid oak live-edge combined with the utility of an Led Lamp. We also wanted it to have other uses including holding things that you reach for everyday.


We started with a solid slab of oak and precisely cut it to hold an Apple Watch, Phone and 6 Bottles of Essential oil. - Then we took a new high quality 'IKEA Harte Utility Lamp' and cut off it’s base and cut/wired it into the live-edge base. A 6’ cord exits the back of the slab - you can connect it directly to a receptacle or use the usb to connect it to a computer.


Key Elements of the Design:

► LiveEdge Base:  We used a vintage hardwood oak slab to act as a base.  It has been precise CNC cut to hold the LED Lamp Base, an Apple Watch, Iphone and 6 Essential Oil bottles - this can be modified).


► IKEA Harte Utility Lamp:    

- This lamp head is adjustable.You can light up even the smallest space in your home and put it to practical use with this super-slim LED lamp.

- This light source consumes up to 85% less energy and lasts 20 times longer than incandescent bulbs. - The LED has a life approx. of 25,000 hours and the light color: warm white (2700 K).


► Wiring:  Ready & easy to use in different places as you can power the lamp through the USB port on your computer or an ordinary 110v outlet.


► Finish:  Each piece receives a special hand blended Oil/Beeswax finish which protect the wood against moisture and provides a beautiful satin finish. 


► Modifications: Need a Custom Size/Special Arrangement?  Want something taken out (essential oils) and something else added (Apple Air Pod Case)?  Because we build all of our products one-at-a-time so we offer modifications to all of our products at little or no cost - feel free to contact us for your specific needs.


Note:  The Apple Watch/Phone and essential oil bottles shown are not included.


We are a small family-owned business with a mission to create unique designs using only the highest quality materials and expert craftsmanship. All of our products are made by us at our studio in Ontario, Canada.

LiveEdge Lamp + Apple Watch/Phone & Essential Oil Holder

  • Because our pieces are made one-at-a-time your order will typically take about 10 days to complete.


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