We loved the idea of using natural wood to detail and improve the dash appearance of the legendary Jeep.  As Jeep owners ourselves we thought this would be a perfect way to make your jeep your own!  Each piece starts with a solid hardwood slab and is hand sculpted to fit the exact profile (curves and all) of your existing Jeep TJ dash.

► Free Customization:  For a limited time we can modify and customize the text (at no charge) to make it your own! - just message us after your order.  Or if you have questions please let us know prior to ordering.


► Designed For:  This design fits all Jeep Wrangler TJ's  (Model Years 2011-2018). 


► Materials:  We offer this special hand-crafted piece in four different materials including Solid Walnut (shown), Hard Maple, White Oak or Mahogany.   Each of these hardwoods are unique in grain - no wood is stained, these are their natural wood tones.


► Finish:  Each piece receives a special hand blended eco friendly Oil/Beeswax satin finish which brings out the natural beauty of the wood and further helps to protect it from moisture.


► Installation:

1st.  Remove the existing grab handle (the existing silver decorative trim has two bolts (these are cosmetic - they serve no function), just remove the silver plastic trim.

2nd. It will expose two inner bolts that actually hold the grab bar to the dash.  Remove these two bolts and lift off the stock grab bar.

3rd. Place the two long bolts (supplied) into the two pre-drilled countersunk holes of our custom dash grab bar - line it up and tighten the bolts into the two alloy posts within the dash!


We are a small family-owned business with a mission to create unique designs with the highest quality materials and expert craftsmanship. All of our products are hand-crafted by us one at a time at our studio in Cobourg, Ontario, Canada.


Jeep Wrangler TJ Dash Grab Handle

SKU: Jeep-02
  • Your Grah handle is carefully packaged and shipped via UPS with a 4 days average delivery time (Tracking Included).  Delivery time is generally a bit longer for orders outside of North America.