This is one of our most unique holders and combines a beautiful piece of slag glass (a byproduct of the fused glass melting process) combined with a 100+ year old wood beam - 100% of this build uses recycled material.  We designed it to be both practical and beautiful!

A large hand-picked slab which was then precisely cut to hold your Essential Oil Bottles including doTerra, Sage, etc.  We then custom fitted a section of slag glass into a groove cut into the tiop.  It makes it easy to store and retrieve your essential oils as needed.

**These photos don't do this piece justice - the translucent charactertics of the light passing through the glass is beautiful!


**Note:  Each one of these pieces is unique - if you want to see other examples of slag glass (colurs and form vary greatly) let us know.


► Essential Oil / Hole Size:   Holds 10-15ml bottles and 6-10ml bottles.


► Approx. Dimensions:  23.3" (59cm) wide x 3.2" (8cm) deep x 8" (20cm) height


► Modifications? - no problem and no charge!  We'll modify it to fit the bottle size/number you prefer (5ml, 10ml or 15ml) - you can also choose your slag glass (we will sned you sample pics).

  **Note: The DoTerra bottles shown are not included.


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Fused Glass/Wood Essential Oil Holder

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