Note: Due to Covid19 we are expeirencing delays in receiving materials from some of our US suppliers. These delays are adding to 7-10 days to delivery times.

We wanted to create a wall mounted guitar hanger / holder that would allow the beauty of the headstock to be admired but still securely cradle the guitar.  We achieved this by building a hanger where the protruding wood arms are located on the uppermost portion of the holder - thus allowing the headstock to be clearly seen. 


There are many different guitar holders and hangers available - we wanted ours to stand out from the competition.  We added a sculptural component to it. The mid-section of the holder gently tapers upward following the contour of the guitar head.  The two wood protrusions (that cradle the neck) are tapered inward to further compliment the form and shape of this piece.  There are no screws used - this piece was been solidly joined and by cutting into the backside of the holder a double steel keyhole we keep the appearance pure.


► Dimensions:  9.5 inches (24cm) tall  x  3.5 inches (8.9cm) wide.  it comes out from the wall a distance of about 4 inches (10.2cm)


► Inner Opening:  About 2 1/8" (54mm) - **Note:  we can modify this opening at no charge.


► Finish:  Each piece receives a special hand blended eco friendly Oil/Beeswax Satin Finish (4 Coats) which brings out the natural beauty of the wood.


► Easy Installation:  We have pre-cut a special double keyhole (see last pic) into the back side of the holder for easy installation.  Unlike other holders with a single keyhole are double keyhole add ensures it's secure attachment to the wall and also prevents it from rotating.  A template (provided) is laid on the wall and pinned - all necessary screws and wall anchors are included.


We are a small family-owned business with a mission to create unique designs with the highest quality materials and expert craftsmanship. All of our products are hand-crafted by us one-at-a-time at our studio in Ontario, Canada.

Solid Walnut Guitar Wall Hanger - (Design #1)

  • Because are pieces are made one-at-a-time your order will typically take about 8-10 days to complete.