We built this custom piece to satisfy a requirement to utilize the top on the Ikea cart but also have access to the upper tray.  As an added benefit it increases the working height by elevate the available worksurface.  This thick hardwood top is cut with a CNC along with the underside of the two (2) vertical connecting arms to fit the tube profile of the cart itself (see 2nd. last pic).


We've tested it with a load of 40 lbs with no stability issues.  It's perfect as a work surface  for heavy applications.


► Adjustable:  Your Ikea cart has an existing height of 31".  With this topper it increases and varies the height...

33 1/4" (bottom position)

34 3/4" (mid-position as shown in pics)

36 1/4" (highest position) 


► Easy Assembly:  Simply remove the existing the bolts in the existing top shelf and replace it with the 2 longer bolts and knobs included (see last pic).


► Material:  Made from 100% furniture grade Baltic Birch hardwood (almost 1" thick.


► Finish:  We apply a heavy duty 3 coat low voc satin laquer finish.


► Dimensions: CNC cut to 18 inches x 12 inches (Metric - 46cm x 30cm)


► Need a Custom Size or Modification?   Because we build these one at a time we can add a hole for cup, trough or some other modification typically at no additional charge.  Note: The Raskog cart shown is not included.


Please note that It is the nature of wood including re-purposed woods to exhibit variations in texture, texture, tone, etc.  These characteristics normal because wood is a natural product and previously used.


We are a small family-owned business with a mission to create unique designs with the highest quality materials and expert craftsmanship. All of our products are and-made one-at-a-time in our studio in Cobourg, Ontario, Canada.

Adjustable Topper - For the Ikea Raskog Cart

  • Please note that we build our pieces one-at-a-time and current production time is about 8 - 10 days to complete.