Custom Inserts for the Versatile Ikea Raskog Cart

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

This amazing cart from has been around for years and has a great following! Manufactured by IKEA, their Raskog Utility Cart has hundreds of possible applications

Here's a sample of the Professions that we have built inserts and holders for...

Mixed Media Artists - when practical portability and organization are a must for artists of all types these inserts are an invaluable tool. Holders for Markers, Pencils, Brushes, Tubes, etc.

Leather Crafters - Tools at the ready are a key requirement for the artist working with leather. From stamping to cutting tools and product storage all are essential to this group of makers.

Hospital & Medical Offices - Are special inserts for these types of applications have special treatments/surfaces to allow them to be used in a germ-preventative environment.

Hairstylists - Tools at the ready and the portability of the cart are also a necessity for the stylists both hair and colonists.

Chef's - both in your own kitchen and restaurants food preparation tools at the ready are both functional and necessary.

Schools - Elementary Schools, Colleges and even Universities have purchase and utilize these handy cart with custom inserts.


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